What Are Included in Property Maintenance Services?

When it comes to property maintenance Sydney (and other major Australian cities for that matter) will never fall short of companies that offer the said service. However, only some of these are able to provide property owners with a complete line of property maintenance services. Most of them though will have the following their list of services:

  • General and routine cleaning services for the property’s interiors and exteriors
  • Moving-in and moving-out cleaning services
  • Seasonal clean-up jobs (including leaf removal during fall season, weeding in spring, etc.)
  • Carpet shampoo cleaning and other carpet cleaning services
  • Landscape cleaning and maintenance
  • Interior and exterior painting and re-painting jobs
  • Carpentry repairs (including repairing interior and exterior trims, repairing damaged windows and doors, etc.)
  • Electrical repairs (including fixing damaged electrical outlets and wires, replacing broken lighting fixtures, etc.)
  • Plumbing repairs (including repairing and replacing burst pipes, drain maintenance, etc.)
  • Water pressure washing of sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas
  • Provision and replenishing of supplies needed to ensure the smooth operation of the property
  • Routine maintenance and checkups to detect potential problems

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