Preventive maintenance !

•Preventive maintenance is that category of maintenance which can save major costs later. They include checking on and inspecting potential problem areas before these areas develop a problem.

•Corrective maintenance involves fixing of any maintenance problem that may have developed due to wear and tear or for other reasons.

•Deferred maintenance is often the maintenance that ought to have been handled before but you get to only now. Deferred maintenance usually includes some cost for neglect.

•Cosmetic maintenances ensure that the aesthetic qualities of the structure remain intact over years of use.

Some of the most commonly ignored aspects of the upkeep of a building are the roofs, the lighting fixtures, balconies and heaters. Roofs and balconies are the parts of the structure directly exposed to the climate and the pollution. Therefore, they are likely to require greater skill and time in maintaining them. Similarly, heaters require more attention, expertise and regular inspections to avoid any unforeseen breakdowns in its functioning.