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Keep in mind that there will be different factors that will affect the overall cost of the cleaning service, including the type of cleaning to be done, the size of the property, as well as the time and effort needed to complete the task.
Different cleaning companies will price their services differently. In order to get the lowest price possible, take the time to shop around your neighborhood and ask for quotes from different companies. Sometimes, these companies will offer to send a representative to your property first so that they may have an idea of the task you require and thus be able to give you a better estimate. If you’re looking for specific cleaning services like moving-in moving-out cleaning services only, be sure to mention that to the representative.
However, don’t let the price alone dictate your decision. Cleaning companies that charge higher fees almost always have better personnel and cleaning equipment, and will thus be able to give you superior clean. Like in many other purchases, you always get what you pay for, and you will find that the extra dollars you spend will be well worth it.