Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Professional Cleaning Services Provider

We all wanted to see our homes looking spotlessly clean and organised. But, due to the demands of our day-to-day responsibilities, the simple task of keeping our homes seem impossible. If you have finally decided to entrust the regular cleaning of your home to a professional cleaning services provider, below are top 5 questions to ask during the initial cleaning services consultation:

Question #1 – Are you licensed to operate as a Residential Property Maintenance services provider?

This is one of the crucial questions that you must not miss when meeting for the first time a prospective cleaning services provider, their license to operate this type of business. If the cleaning company is licensed by the state where you live, it gives you peace of mind that you are protected if something goes wrong.

Question #2 – Are you covered with insurance?

While conducting a private meeting with your prospective professional cleaning services the issue on insurance coverage is also essential. Why? It’s unavoidable while their assigned employees doing the carpet shampoo cleaning and water pressure cleaning would accidentally break on items. It’s risk-free if you know they have a comprehensive insurance policy to cover such claims.

Question #3 – How many cleaning employees will come to my house?

If you are talking with the top performing property maintenance Sydney, expect them to employ a good number of employees who work on various shifts. There will be instances where the cleaning team who came to your house last month won’t be the same team in the succeeding months. So, it’s advisable that you are aware of this kind of arrangement. However, if you prefer having the same cleaners every month this request could be easily granted.

Question #4 – Are you equipped with appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment?

There are some cleaning companies, particularly those newbies in the cleaning industry who would require their clients to provide the cleaning materials. If you hired a reputable professional cleaning company that offers both residential property maintenance and commercial property maintenance, chances are they will provide both cleaning supplies and equipment units needed.

Question #5 – How long have you been in the industry?

One of the important requirements that you should not overlook when interviewing a prospect is the number of years in the industry as a professional cleaning services provider. If the person appointed to come for this interview mentioned they have been in this kind of services for many years, expect your cleaning job requirement to be done in a professional manner. A reputable cleaning services provider has earned years of experience in the cleaning industry and will do everything to retain this good reputation, regardless you are in need of moving-in or moving-out cleaning services.

Additional information that you must ask the cleaning services provider

If this is your first time to contract the cleaning of your home to a professional cleaning services provider, don’t hesitate to ask for the following:

  • Business license
  • Comprehensive background reports of their cleaning employees
  • References of existing as well as previous clients
  • Pricing of their various services such as building caretaker services, windows cleaning in Sydney including customised packages

There you have it a list of questions you could ask the manager or owner of a professional cleaning services provider. In the event you cleaning requirements doesn’t only cover your house, but your rental properties inquire if they will appoint one of their building managers services representatives to take charge of your specialise cleaning needs.