5 Warning Signs That Will Tell You Need To Hire A New Office Cleaning Company

One of the critical issues that you need to look into when handling an office facility is the cleanliness. Why? A clean working environment will not only be ideal for the health and wellness of the employees, but, it can have a positive impact on productivity of any business. So, how will you know if you need to hire a new office cleaning company? Below are 5 warning signs that you need to be aware:

  1. Poor performance

Did you know that a workplace present condition could affect the performance level of your employees? A cluttered working station may inhibit the employee from carrying on with his or her assigned chores with ease. Aside from that, if the entire office looks untidy, employees might put the blame on others and create tension. Take a look around and check on the bins. Are they being emptied regularly? How about the windows and unseen surfaces? Do you notice huge amount of dirt and dust accumulation? Is the office pantry looking dirty and smelly? If none of these things seem to be maintained, it could be an indication that you need to find another commercial property maintenance provider or contact the windows cleaning Sydney to do your office windows’ regular cleaning.

  1. Poor inventory management on consumable supplies

Another visible sign that will tell you need to change your present cleaning services provider is when your office often experiences this inventory problem on your consumable supplies:

  • No more toilet paper or hand towels including other washroom essentials available for your employees and visitors.
  • No more available cleaning products to keep the office clean and smelling fresh.
  1. Negative comments

What do you often hear the comments of first time visitors or clients coming to your office? Do you have to deal with complaints of slippery floor inside the washroom or foul smell coming from your bins? If none of these issues are properly monitored by your current building caretaker services provider, might as well talk to their manager to resolve this issue. If these negative comments still continue from your clients and visitors, you will have to face a drastic decision of ending your contract with this particular cleaning company. Your next concern is to find a more responsible property maintenance Sydney provider that can handle the initial cleaning services requirements of your Sydney office. Most maintenance property providers offer commercial and residential property maintenance services.

  1. You don’t receive inspection report or audit

A credible office cleaning company should remain committed in delivering quality services to their clients and if you haven’t receive any office inspection or audit report, this is another sign that there is something wrong with the way they handle the maintenance needs of your office. Remember, a qualified office moving-in, moving-out cleaning company must monitor regularly the kind of services they provide to their clients like how well their cleaning staff members do the carpet shampoo cleaning or water pressure cleaning.

  1. Items in the office are missing or broken

Lastly, among the critical issues that will confirm you have to terminate your existing cleaning services provider and contact a well sought property maintenance provider if you notices items in the office are missing or broken right after they performed the regular cleaning.

As a paying client, you have every right to demand excellent services from your cleaning services company. If none of their promises are made despite frequent meetings with the building managers services team you have no choice, but, do the next appropriate action – find a replacement.

How to choose the right cleaning services provider?

Now that you are aware of the above warnings signs, you can closely monitor if your hired office cleaning company is performing well or not. If you notice any of these signs to be present while under a contract-of-agreement, you can call their attention.