Commercial Property Maintenance – Important Tips

Commercial properties irrespective of the size and type require regular maintenance. In the absence of routine checks, a minor problem can soon become a full blown emergency later. A few important tips with commercial property maintenance would ensure that you save thousands in repairs.

Regular roof inspection must be a part of Commercial property maintenance which can include checking the attic and ceilings for leaks, any signs of stains or rot. Externally the vents must be fitting well, there shouldn’t be any signs of standing water and the HVAC hoses and pipes must be in good condition. Any exposed water pipe must be checked annually for any leak and to ensure proper insulation.

Periodic filter inspection and replacement of HVAC units would ensure longevity and must be a part of Commercial property maintenance. Double check the building’s smoke alarms and fire retardant systems to ensure safety. Inspection of window and door frames should be included as part of Commercial property maintenance.