Moving-in Moving-out Cleaning – Checklist for cleaning tasks

A tenant’s obligation to leave the house clean after deciding to move out has given rise to end of tenancy cleaning or, moving-in moving-out cleaning which is now offered by a wide variety of cleaning companies. The requirement is usually to keep the house clean and ready for the new tenants.

Sanitizing and scrubbing the floors along with the bathroom and sinks is an important part of Moving-in Moving-out cleaning. The landlord may also expect that all windows, doors, radiators and furniture is cleaned in preparation for the new tenancy. Professional cleaning companies have the necessary tools, cleaning materials and experience to ensure thorough and speedy Moving-in Moving-out cleaning.

Most professional companies will start with a preliminary checklist for the cleaning tasks and then focus on any specific area which may need further cleaning. Carpet cleaning is generally included as part of Moving-in Moving-out cleaning.