Building Caretaker Services – Duties Of The Caretaker

Building caretaker services offer an advanced level of janitorial services which includes taking care of day to day operations of the building. Usually appropriate for large buildings and condominium communities, building caretaker services act as the location’s onsite representative.

Some of the main duties of the caretaker includes:

  • Emergency call outs
  • Minor repairs onsite
  • Burnt out light bulb changes
  • Programming entry fobs
  • Minor snow removal and salting of entry points
  • Inform property manager of any issues
  • Updating intercom system
  • Managing inventory of supplies
  • Monitoring the parking area
  • Coordinate and monitor trades onsite.

Building caretaker services are usually associated with a strata manager while a building manager is usually associated with a property manager in the commercial building sector. Building caretaker services are usually supervised by supervisors. Certified professionals are involved and use of safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents is the norm. They not only take care of the building but also do administration, repair, cleaning and security of the building.