Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Building Caretaker Services Company

Is the rapid growth of your real estate business demanding most of your time? If you can’t manage and oversee the needs of your other real estate investment projects such as the care of a newly acquired building, perhaps the assistance of a reliable building caretaker should be considered. If you are planning to meet with the representative of a building caretaker services company, include these top questions before entering into a contract of agreement.

Question #1 – What are the available services your company offer?

Your initial concern when meeting with the representative of a building caretaker services provider is about the services they could offer. Keep in mind, the general scope of work and responsibilities of a building caretaker is broad and it’s vital that the person or company that will assume this role has a solid reputation in building maintenance, quality inspections and administrative duties.

Question #2 – How long have you been in the industry?

Another question that will give you some idea if you are talking to an experienced building caretaker services company is the number of years they have been in the industry. If the representative shows lists of buildings, commercial spaces and real estate properties they handle this is a solid proof that you are dealing with an experienced provider. However, if the building caretaker service company shows only few rental units they managed, this is a clear indicator that they are still learning their way in the industry.

Question #3 – Are there other fees to be charged?

This is another question you should not forget when discussing with the building caretaker services company representative about the fees you will have to pay monthly including other fees. A reliable building caretaker services company must provide a detailed computation of their fees including other charges that may apply.  When talking with different companies and getting lower bids, take time assessing the differences on their quotes. Sometimes, a provider may charge a higher monthly fee because of the quality of work they deliver.

Question #4 – How often must I receive updates?

A credible building caretaker services company must provide regular updates of the status of the buildings pun under their management. If the representative can guarantee regular updates of issues and concerns that may arise at any point, you can have peace of mind that in your absence someone is taking responsibility in the wellbeing of your building including the occupants. However, if the representative can’t even disclose the frequency of updates coming from their end, then, there’s no point of wasting your time. Go and move forward to the next building caretaker services company on your list and schedule a meeting.

What else should you consider before hiring a building caretaker services company?

You should set some qualifying traits before you entrust the care and maintenance of your building with any company claiming to be an expert building caretaker. Among the traits that your potential building caretaker provider must possess are:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • People skills
  • Knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the managing properties such as building codes, rules that may apply on landlord/tenants relationships and policies that may on property ownership

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