What Qualities A Residential Property Maintenance Manager Must Possess?

Have you finally decided to hire a residential property maintenance manager to help you run your properties? Find the right professional can be quite challenging because of the responsibilities attached to this job. If you want to make sure that you only work with knowledgeable and trustworthy individual here’s a list of skills or qualities to look when screening a potential candidate for this position,

Credible portfolio

One of the qualifications that you should include when screening applicants for the position of residential property maintenance manager is a credible portfolio. Request all interviewees to come with a detailed portfolio and other credentials that will prove their suitability for the said job position.

Excellent communication skills

A residential property maintenance manager is expected to coordinate with you and your other workers including tenants. So, excellent communication skills must be exhibited during the personal interview. If you noticed one applicant can’t even express his or her views coherently, then, this is a clear indication that you might have problems of effective collaboration in the future. Remember, the appointed residential property maintenance manager will need to update you regularly either through phone, text or email the status of your properties and effective communication must be carried out.

Good business relationship

A reputable residential property maintenance manager must earned good business relationships with other vendors. You need to check and assess the candidate’s business relationship with his past and current clients, so that you can have a clear insight is he or she is the right person for this job.

Strong leadership skills

A residential property maintenance manager is expected to lead a team whenever you aren’t around. This person will legally represent you and do some decision making in your absence and it’s expected that he or she has the capacity to take charge when the need arise.


Yes, this is another qualifying trait that you should take into consideration before making a final selection among candidates applying for the residential property maintenance manager position, honesty. Why? This is very important, especially you will entrust the care and supervision of your properties, regardless you are there or behind the limelight. You need a trustworthy person that you can rely on to be transparent in all his or her actions.


A credible residential property maintenance manager will take accountability of his or her actions and willing to accept feedback. Although, this trait can’t be fully visible when interviewing applicants, you can ask questions that will tell whether that person is responsible or not.

Willingness to learn

This job position can be complex depending on the client’s needs. Even an experienced applicant at one point in his or her career will need further trainings. If the applicant shows willingness to learn you are given assurance that this person will be most fit for the job.

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