How To Prepare Your Home Before The Initial Cleaning Services Arrive?

Have you contacted a professional cleaning company for your home’s initial cleaning services need? Hiring a professional cleaner can be an effective way to relieve yourself from the stress that house cleaning may require. However, if you want to make sure the assigned cleaning team can start right away during the agreed cleaning schedule, doing the necessary preparations before they arrive could fast-track the cleaning. Below are some tips for preparing your home for the cleaner.

Tip #1 – Do a bit of tidying

Clearing an area of the house from clutter before the initial cleaning services team arrives can assure you that they get to spend most of the time in cleaning and not arranging scattered items. Before the cleaning team arrives, spend some time picking items scattered on the floor, and store them.

Tip #2 – Secure places you don’t want the intrusion

Specified what areas of the house needs initial cleaning services be sure to secure places you don’t want intrusion like your master bedroom. See to it that important documents like bills, bank statements and other personal belongings are safely kept and away from public viewing. You can also hang a note or tag “Do not disturb” on the door of the room you want to retain privacy so that the hired cleaning company will have a clear idea which premises they are allowed to clean.

Tip #3 – Keep pets away

In case you have pets like dogs or cats take the precautionary measure before the cleaning team arrives. If possible put them in their cages and request a friend to look after them while the professional cleaners carry on with the initial cleaning services. Remember, pet, in general, may not be as welcoming as humans when exposed to strangers inside their comfort zones.

Tip #4 – Do a home inventory

Yes, doing some home inventory before the cleaning team arrives will give you peace of mind and not put the blame on them in the event you forgot that the window frame isn’t stable. I suggest you check on items inside your house and list which ones are broken or damaged including the stuff in good condition, so you can file a complaint if you discovered something was broken during the cleaning activity.

Tip #5 – Identify which areas require thorough cleaning

Even if you only contracted the professional cleaning company to conduct initial cleaning services, it would be best to provide them a list of areas that require thorough cleaning or use of special cleaning products such as the kitchen, bathroom or basement.

Tip #6 – Provide access in your absence

In the event you can’t be around during the actual cleaning schedule, don’t forget to provide access to your entry door. You can also leave the cleaning team leader instructions for your security locking system for quick access to your home.

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