Carpet Shampoo Cleaning – Types of Professional Cleaning

There are various different types of professional carpet cleaning, however the most popular ones are steam cleaning, Carpet shampoo cleaning and dry cleaning. Dry cleaning uses strong cleaning chemicals which contain harmful ingredients which are not really recommended.

Carpet shampoo cleaning is similar to steam cleaning except that a carpet shampoo is used and an odour killer added to remove pet odours. A pre spray is generally used which can loosen dust from the fibre as well as stains. There are lot of professional companies which offer green cleaning solutions with Carpet shampoo cleaning.

Carpet shampoo cleaning may be a bit expensive, however it is extremely effective in removing pet stains and odours. It will also save the cost of replacing the carpet due to stains and odours that can ruin the house. With Carpet shampoo cleaning one can also improve the appearance of carpets dramatically.

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