Building managers services – Things included in the Checklist

Building Manager’s services include a plethora of tasks which needs to be completed every day so that one doesn’t lose sight of what needs to be done. Keeping a tab on overall building performance and workplace projects is an important part of Building Manager’s services.

Building failures can lead to increased expenses and bad reputation which a Building Manager must avoid at all cost. Below are the six most important items Building Manager’s services checklist must always include.

Energy use and utility costs should be monitored and every effort must be made to reduce usage and cost. Some ways to reduce energy use is through installation of motion sensor lighting and energy efficient bulbs. Building Managers services must ensure optimal space utilization and maintenance of security systems. Contractor schedules and work agreements must be managed by the Building Managers services to ensure the tasks go according to plan. Safety requirements and productivity timelines are other important things which should be part of the checklist.

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