Building Caretaker services – Have a Backup Plan

Building caretaker services ensure that the property is protected throughout the year in spite of challenges like subzero temperatures, high winds, snow etc. It is important to hire a caretaker who lives nearby, has a great network of local contractors and readily available in case of any problem. Having a reliable building caretaker certainly alleviates many of your worries about your home.

However, it is also important to have a backup plan when the building caretaker is absent or, you plan of not using building caretaker services due to budget or other issues. Once or twice a week, your building caretaker should walk through the building to check for power outages, freezing pipes, inspecting plumbing, appliances, furnace and hot water heater etc.

To ensure round the clock security, it is important to invest in an outdoor video surveillance system with night vision to watch over your property. The building can be equipped with a freezing alarm to prevent furnace failure or, freezing pipe fiasco. Flood sensors connected to water shut off valve controller can detect leaks and alert the building contractor. Technology can make building caretaker services more effective and certainly ensure better value for money.

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