Commercial Property Maintenance – Tips for spring

After a long winter, property owners get the best time in spring to assess their property for any damage and prepare for safety and comfort by hiring reliable Commercial property maintenance services. The checklist should involve inspection of the building for cracks in the foundation, inspecting sink holes, broken pavement, Chipped paint, loose boards, Missing roof shingles, leaking pipes or, broken windows.

Snow, rain and high winds can create quite a mess which is why Commercial property maintenance must start removing twigs, trash and leaves to allow better air circulation and keep the walkways tidy for curb appeal. Regular maintenance check is a must which includes examining fire alarms, smoke alarms, air filters and flushing the water heaters.

Commercial property maintenance must also ensure that the property insurance is up to date and renewed if required so that you have the coverage required for the seasons ahead. Maintain and update the list of contractors who can assist for any damage restoration, or mechanical repairs.

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