Carpet Shampoo Cleaning – Common Mistakes to Avoid

The carpets are always more dirty than they seem because they actually brave a lot of traffic each day. According to a research the carpets may contain approximately 200,000 bacteria per square inch which include E.coli and salmonella. Carpet shampoo cleaning can definitely do a lot of good but only when done in the correct way.One must ensure to avoid common mistakes during Carpet shampoo cleaning. Allowing the stain to set is the most common mistake which is why one must absorb the spill with paper towels at the earliest and then use carpet shampoo cleaning to treat the stain. Testing the cleaning product is very important before you start using them on your carpets.

One mustn’t vigorously scrub the stain once they have applied the cleaning product since it can cause damage to the carpet fibres during carpet shampoo cleaning. Soaking can cause water to seep through to the bottom of the carpet which is why one must rinse the spot once they have carefully blotted the spill with shampoo.