Covid Cleaning Services for Businesses

The COVID-19 health crisis has proven to be the most disruptive health emergency in recent history, and businesses have needed to rapidly adapt to a new and ever-changing way of life to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. With a highly infectious virus spreading throughout the community, covid cleaning services have been in high demand across New South Wales.

Covid cleaning takes two forms, basic cleaning and deep sanitizing. Cleaning should be performed frequently for commonly touched surfaces (such as door handles and countertops) and regularly for minimally touched surfaces (such as floors, walls, and blinds). Cleaning should use detergents, wipes, and damp mops and should be carried out regularly by staff. Deep sanitization for covid cleaning is performed to directly kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces and is best performed by professionals to ensure its success.

MIB Property Maintenance offers covid cleaning services to commercial businesses in Sydney including both basic cleaning and deep sanitization stages. MIB Property Maintenance follows all government issued guidelines for our cleaning services. Visit our covid cleaning page to learn more and request a quote today!