What Can Water Pressure Cleaning Do?

Water pressure cleaning is one of the most versatile property maintenance tools available, using large quantities of water at high pressure to remove debris with ease. Building caretaker services such as MiB Property Maintenance make extensive use of water pressure cleaning. Private residents can also use this equipment for small cleaning jobs around the home.

The range of cleaning tasks which can be performed with water pressure cleaning includes:

  • Window washing.
  • Drains and guttering.
  • Driveways or parking garages.
  • Cars, trailers, bikes, or boats.
  • Concrete, wood, brick, or tile flooring surfaces.

Some surfaces are less resilient to the force output by water pressure cleaning such as painted wood or soft surfaces. For these cleaning jobs, the nozzle should be held 2-3 feet (60-90cm) away and a wider angle nozzle used to protect the surface.

When using water pressure cleaning equipment, some key safety measures apply. Firstly, the high pressure of the water can cut skin and cause serious wounds. Additionally, the spray may launch loose debris toward bystanders. Water pressure cleaning should always be performed wearing safety glasses, enclosed shoes, and away from people. Building caretaker services will ensure that pressure cleaning jobs are performed safely and efficiently.

MiB Property Maintenance are experts in water pressure cleaning and other building caretaker services with cutting edge equipment and highly experienced cleaners to ensure proper cleaning at affordable prices. Contact us today to enquire about our expert cleaning services.