Initial Cleaning Services – What Do They Involve?

When moving into a new home, whether it was just built or has been lived in for many years, starting with a good clean is important. Initial cleaning services are essential to remove any leftover debris from construction or allergens and contaminants from previous occupants. In either scenario, a nice new home is better with a nice fresh clean from professionals in property maintenance Sydney.

The first kind of initial cleaning services are after-build cleans. This is for newly built homes where the people moving in are the first occupants. There will typically be a large amount of dust and debris such as Gyprock in some areas of the home from the construction process. A rough clean is performed to remove this, typically before the final inspection to spot any defects. Next, a much deeper clean is performed to remove any stains, excess tiling grout, scuffs, and more. This step gives a new and pristine finish to the home which can only be achieved with professional property maintenance Sydney.

Initial cleaning services also include cleaning existing homes with new occupants moving in. Firstly, the kitchen should be given an intensive clean starting with the refrigerator then all other kitchen appliances. When doing this it is important to clean from top to bottom for the best clean possible. For bathrooms, fully sanitizing bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets are essential. Finally, for all rooms, clean the lights, windows, and fans before sweeping and mopping the floors. Vacuuming and shampooing carpets are also recommended for property maintenance Sydney.

Professional cleaners can make the process of moving into a new home much easier with thorough initial cleaning services. MIB Property maintenance is a leading provider of property maintenance Sydney and can get your new home off to a great start with an initial clean.