Window Cleaning from Building Managers Services Sydney

Commercial property maintenance is full of cleaning tasks to complete on both the interior and exterior of a building. Commercial buildings could include anything from single story shops or warehouses to skyscrapers. Building managers services Sydney can perform many of these cleaning tasks, one of the main ones is window cleaning. Interior window cleaning is typically quite simple and is not influenced by the size of the building, but when exterior windows are involved, especially in high rise buildings, things can get tricky. Professionals in commercial property maintenance such as MIB Property Maintenance can handle a range of window cleaning jobs across building types.

Interior window cleaning for a commercial building does not require complex equipment. For most tasks a squeegee or microfiber cloth with a quality cleaning solution is sufficient. This task is often quite tedious and using the wrong fabrics could damage glass so building managers services Sydney can perform the job for you. Likewise, exterior window cleaning for low rise commercial properties is often performed with the same equipment attached to telescopic arms for greater reach by commercial property maintenance professionals.

Larger buildings are where the process becomes much more complex requiring extreme care and professional commercial property maintenance. High rise window cleaning needs strict safety measures to prevent the cleaners from falling. This comes in the form of both comprehensive training and quality equipment such as suspended platforms and security lines. These are fixed to the roof and routinely inspected for any flaw. Another potential risk is tools falling to harm people below, building managers services Sydney mitigate this by attaching all tools to the cleaners to stop them falling.

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