Most Important Home Cleaning Areas

Home cleaning is a constant and time-intensive task, one which does not fit nicely into many Australian’s busy work and social lives. Unfortunately, this leads many to neglect routine property maintenance Sydney. It is important to ensure that the most important areas of the home are regularly and completely cleaned. Some areas are essential to keep clean or there could be consequences like disease. Here are the most important residential property maintenance cleaning areas and how often they need to be cleaned:

  • Sink – the sink is used almost every day, and for tasks where dirt or pathogens can pose a major health risk. As the sink is used for food preparation, it is crucial to keep it clean. Simply scrub with a cleanser and disinfectant.
  • Toilet – based on what we use a toilet for, it’s obvious that it will harbour germs. This should be cleaned a few times a week. Experts in property maintenance Sydney recommend squirting cleaning solution in the bowl and under the rim then scrubbing thoroughly.
  • Bathroom – almost all of our hygiene occurs in the bathroom, so it should be a focus in residential property maintenance. The shower, bathtub, vanity and surfaces all need to be cleaned weekly.
  • Carpets – these are like magnets for dust, dirt and numerous allergens. Carpets should be vacuumed weekly to remove all debris, especially when people with allergies are present.

Many people do not have the time to consistently clean all of these areas; this is where professional cleaners come in. Residential property maintenance experts such as MIB Property Maintenance can cover all of these areas as often as needed. To learn more, visit MIB Property Maintenance, the master of property maintenance Sydney.