Professional Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Sydney

Carpets are a very popular home flooring option, giving a warm, soft, and luxurious feel to the family home. The downside to carpets is that they get dirty, and particles of dirt in the carpet fibres can grind and cut them causing severe damage. Cleaning carpets is usually done with vacuuming and carpet shampoo cleaning Sydney. Carpet that is substantially damaged will need to be replaced, so it is good to keep it clean to prevent this damage.

The first way to keep carpets clean and limit damage is to vacuum them often. Vacuuming carpets removes loose dirt and debris to prevent soils from compounding and becoming hard to remove. It is recommended to vacuum high traffic areas twice weekly and everything else weekly. Vacuuming does not remove all pollutants, and allergens like pollen will continue to build up. This is best treated with carpet shampoo cleaning Sydney to remove long term build-up. It is very important to get professional carpet cleaners at least yearly to ensure that the job is done right.

There are many mistakes that may be made with DIY carpet shampoo cleaning Sydney. These make hiring professionals like MIB Property Maintenance a must. The first mistake is allowing too much shampoo into the carpet which causes the residue to form which actually attracts more dirt! Next is over-wetting the carpet and allowing water to soak through the bottom. Once water soaks into the back of the carpet it may shrink, discolour and allow potentially hazardous mould to form. Using professionals in carpet shampoo cleaning Sydney will prevent these common DIY mistakes.