Soft Washing vs. Water Pressure Cleaning

Having your home cleaned by a professional water pressure cleaning service instantly shows you the results and how clean your home really can be when all the dirt is washed away. While it does look good, it also benefits your family by keeping away fungus, mold and preventing build-ups.

Knowing which method your home will need will depend on the surface materials needing to be cleaned, and the areas you will be cleaning. The 2 most common methods of home maintenance and cleaning are soft washing and water pressure cleaning.

Water pressure cleaning

Water pressure cleaning uses a higher force of pressure to clean and remove dirt and build-ups. Due to its high pressure, it can possibly cause damages including paint removal, cracked windows, etc., and is recommended to be used on outdoor surfaces like your driveway, brick walls, decks, patio, and concrete areas only. Water pressure cleaning can be dangerous and if you have not done it previously and have no experience, it can cause costly damages to your home if you don’t do it correctly.

Soft washing

Soft washing is similar to pressure washing, but differs in the water pressure and relies more on cleaning solutions instead to break down the build-ups. As they have less pressure, they aren’t as damaging and can be used for more sensitive surfaces including outdoor furniture, plants, screens, enclosures, etc. as they won’t be causing costly damages.

Instead of water pressure cleaning your home yourself, find a professional that knows what the risks are, and which areas will be the best to pressure wash your home. Contact us today for more information on our services.