Water pressure cleaning Sydney – MIB Property Maintenance

Learn how MIB Property maintenance professionals do water pressure cleaning in Sydney

1. Measure the Space

Most water pressure cleaning is estimated based on the square footage or linear footage of the area to be washed, according to Power Washing Business.

It’s best to visit the property in person before sending an estimate to see the conditions of the site yourself. Ask the customer questions about what exactly they want done and if there are any special services required or repair work needed.

Square Footage

Projects that are estimated based on square footage include roofs, driveways, sidewalks, fences, decks, siding, commercial cleaning, parking lots, and garage floors.

To find square footage, find the length and width of the area. A laser distance measurer works best. Multiply the length by the width. Then multiply that number by 1.35 to find approximate square footage.

Linear Footage

Projects that are estimated based on linear footage include houses and boats. You simply measure the length of the structure, ignoring width or thickness measurements. Now you can charge by linear foot. Linear feet is charged at a higher rate than square footage.

2. Decide on a Pricing Strategy

Water Power cleaning typically estimate residential jobs based on one of three pricing strategies:

Per square foot or linear foot

Per hour

Flat rate

Pricing by the square or linear foot makes it easier to bid on different sizes and shapes of lots or structures. Pricing by the hour makes sure you get paid for every hour worked.

Flat rate pricing is handy if you’re an experienced power washer who already knows the prices for different jobs and how factors like rough surfaces will affect the price. In this method, find the rough price based on the square footage and then add your markup on top.

You can earn more with flat-rate pricing but it requires a practiced professional to do it accurately. We at MIB provide complete professional service at highly affordable prices.