Commercial Property Maintenance: Importance of Exterior Lighting

We know how important interior lighting is when it comes to business establishments. Not only does it create a more welcoming space, but it can also have an impact on your client and customers’ psychology and encouraging them to do business with you. However, another important lighting consideration for business properties would be their exterior lighting. But what makes exterior lighting important and why should you pay attention to them?

Encourage More Foot Traffic

A darkened storefront is one of those things that can make people turn away from an establishment. Even if your interior lighting is turned on, some people may still feel apprehensive about entering your establishment. This makes exterior lighting an important aspect of any business, especially those who rely on walk-ins and everyday foot traffic.

When you have a brightly lit exterior lighting, it shows that your store is open and ready for business. It can draw eyes to your business and even make it look more inviting. Majority of potential clients and customers like well-lit establishments, and bright exterior lighting can help make your business more appealing to them.

Better Security

Crooks love dark places as the darkness provides them with cover for their crimes. In fact, one of the many reasons why unscrupulous individuals target certain establishments is because of the lack of adequate lighting both inside and outside its premises. By adding exterior lighting to your establishment, you can bolster its general security and safety. In addition, exterior lighting can aid authorities in identifying and ultimately catching criminals, especially if you have security cameras.

Give Your Property Some Personality

As was mentioned earlier, exterior lighting can help to improve the aesthetics of your business or commercial property. In line with that, exterior lighting can also be used to add some personality to your business. For instance, you can use coloured light bulbs to either create a stark contrast with your building’s exterior walls and its surroundings, or use colours and hues that complement and blend with them. You can also use exterior lighting to light up your landscape or any particular part of your property. With the right kinds of exterior lighting, you can add an entirely new aesthetic element to your business’ façade.

Exterior lighting is truly indispensable given the reasons mentioned above. Yet, they can be quite troublesome especially since they’re constantly exposed to outdoor elements like rain and sun’s ultraviolet rays. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you have the help of commercial property maintenance services. If you are in need of such services, or other services like window cleaning, moving-in moving-out cleaning services and others, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Residential Property Maintenance: Importance of Curb Appeal for Residential Properties

When it comes beautifying and maintaining their homes, most people tend to think of and work on their home’s interiors. They spend time and money on meticulously decorating and furnishing the interior of their homes until they’re happy and satisfied. In doing so, many of them tend to forget about their home’s exteriors and overall curb appeal. Needless to say, your home’s interiors are just as important as its interiors. But how exactly does improving your home’s curb appeal help you and your home?

Create a Great First Impression

First impressions are critical, especially when it comes to buying a house. When potential buyers are looking at a home, there are very few options for the seller to make an impression. For the most part, the buyer’s first impression of a property is formed when they see photos of the house on a seller’s website, social media platform, or a real estate app. It can also happen when they unintentionally drive by your property. Regardless of how it takes place, making a good first impression is key to creating interest and convincing potential buyers.

Raise Your House’s Value

Needless to say, improving your house’s curb appeal and exteriors can help to increase its market value. When potential buyers see how great your house looks, they are less likely to haggle with the price. They understand that beautiful homes come with a price, and will not think twice about making the purchase if it’s within their budget.  That said, your home’s curb appeal is an important asset and one that should be taken-cared of. That is possible through renovations or by keeping it in good condition with the help of residential property maintenance services.

These are just two of the many reasons why curb appeal is important for residential properties. This becomes even more important for those who are planning to put their home up for sale. But even if you have no intention of selling your house any time soon, you should still take a proactive stance and make sure that your home’s curb appeal is always at its best. This is where companies offering property maintenance in Sydney can help.

If you are looking for a company who can help you with maintaining your residential property and keeping it beautiful and structurally sound, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at 0421 673 886 or leave a message in our contact page. You can also send as an email for any questions you may have regarding our services.



Building Caretaker Services: Importance of Curb Appeal for Condominiums

Different people take into consideration different factors when it comes to choosing and buying their own homes. For some, what matters most is the aesthetics of the house, while for others it’s the structural integrity. For others, it’s the location and the neighborhood and the overall atmosphere and environment. And again, there are those who consider the property’s curb appeal and this will most of the time have an influence on their buying decisions. But curb appeal is not only important for single-family homes since it also has an impact on condominium properties.

When people are looking for a condominium or high-rise unit, curb appeal is one of the first they consider. This is only natural especially considering the amount of money one will be investing in such a property. Besides, residential properties like these are known to exude lavishness and luxury, and in order to completely offer such traits the property must be beautiful not only inside but outside as well. Also, the property’s curb appeal is what many potential buyers see first as they walk towards the unit for sale. Thus, the property’s curb appeal plays a huge part in creating a good first impression.

There are many things that contribute to creating a great curb appeal for condominium units and high-rise residential townhouses. For one, there’s the roadways and gatehouse leading to the property itself. Remember, the first view of the potential buyer will be from their vehicles on the road, so it is important that the property looks great to them as soon as they pull up to the gate. Then there’s the landscaping which includes gardens, flowerboxes, exterior lighting, pathways and others. Suffice to say that there are plenty of factors that come into play when talking about curb appeal for condominiums.

Considering the importance of curb appeal and the many factors that need to be considered, it can sometimes be a difficult task for property owners to maintain and take care of their properties. Condominiums and high-rise townhouses are huge and sometimes the easiest maintenance practice is to avail of building caretaker services.

There are companies that offer such services as well as carpet cleaning, windows cleaning and general property maintenance in Sydney. If you are looking for someone to help you with taking care of your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us at 0421 673 886 or leave a message in our contact page. Our friendly staff are always ready and available to answer your questions and help introduce you to our other services.

Windows Cleaning Sydney – For High Rise Buildings

For high rise buildings, window cleaning Sydney certainly needs professional cleaners with specialized equipment to access and clean the windows of tall buildings. It can be a dangerous task without trained professionals doing Windows cleaning Sydney. High rise building cleaning services are used for Windows cleaning Sydney in case of hotels, condominiums, shopping malls and university buildings.

For high rise building Windows Cleaning Sydney, professional cleaners make use of both low and high pressure washing techniques. Some of the equipment used include man lifts, ladders, bosun’s chair and water fed extension poles. The bosun’s chair is considered to be the safest equipment used for high rise Windows cleaning Sydney.

Windows cleaning Sydney makes the architectural glass of high rise buildings dust and dirt free. Traditional windows cleaning methods cannot be used for high rise buildings since the windows are extremely inaccessible. Keeping your office windows clean would attract more clients and also create good opportunities.

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Other Articles

Water Pressure Cleaning – Different Cleaning Methods

The cleaning strategy has improved a lot in the last decade with improving technology. There has been a rise in the demand for Water pressure cleaning in Sydney. Water pressure cleaning offers a simple and effective method of keeping your home and workplace clean from dirt, grime and other toxins from the floor.

Depending on the budget and requirement one can choose from different cleaning methods like Cold water pressure cleaning, hot water pressure cleaning and stationary high water pressure cleaning. The high water pressure cleaning is mostly used for areas which requires frequent cleaning. This method can help in expelling bacterial diseases from the floor without any need for cables, long nozzles or, hoses.

Loaded with numerous advantages, Water pressure cleaning is used for large residential, commercial and industrial places to keep them clean and tidy. It ensures environment friendly cleaning strategy which is affordable and reasonably priced.
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Residential property maintenance – What’s Included?

Residential property maintenance services offer huge benefits to first time landlord or, an owner of multiple properties. Dealing with tenant’s concerns and complaints along with the changeover between tenants can be very challenging which is where Residential property maintenance can help.

Most landlords don’t have endless hours every week to invest in their rental property which is why they hire residential property maintenance services. It handles everything related to the residential property along with finding tenants and collection of rent. Residential property maintenance also helps in addressing tenant’s concerns promptly. Turnover can be a huge expense however Residential property maintenance services keep tenants happy which means they extend their stay.

Residential property maintenance services reduce the stress, handle all duties while you can afford to sit back and relax. Every aspect of the residential property like cleaning, keeping it safe, hygienic, rent collection, tenant’s query resolution etc. are completed as part of Residential property Maintenance.

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Commercial property maintenance – Tips for a Successful Programme

Commercial property Maintenance is not just about simple building maintenance but one needs to be aware of advanced technologies, health certification and the knowledge to tailor the premises in accordance with business needs. Routine checks of the property to ensure that it is in pristine condition is important. The exterior of a building reflects on your business brand and extremely important to create the best first impression.

Commercial property maintenance must ensure regular inspection and maintenance of walls, roofing, signage, landscaping and parking areas. A well maintained building also helps in motivating the workforce, presenting an attractive company and boosting employee morale. Commercial property maintenance must make use of the latest technology in secure surveillance and alarm systems.

Going green is the new goal for every commercial property maintenance managers since it is important to improve one’s carbon footprint. Health and safety risk assessment in the workplace and action to remove any hazard is an important part of commercial property Maintenance.

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Carpet Shampoo Cleaning – Worth Every Penny

Carpet Shampoo cleaning is usually considered as an expensive task whereas one must consider it as regular maintenance which can extend the life of your carpet. One must remember that Carpet shampoo cleaning not only improves the appearance of the carpets but also extends their life. The dirt and grime not only makes the carpet look bad but also damages your carpet.

Scheduling a carpet shampoo cleaning once a year would ensure that the dirt and debris build-up is kept to a minimum. There are lot of hidden health benefits associated with Carpet shampoo cleaning. Carpet cleaning ensures proper ventilation in your home since a dirty carpet can seriously impede air circulation.

Food spills, pet stains and odours can make the carpet unsafe for children making the rounds which is why Carpet shampoo cleaning is important. Carpet cleaning restores the plush, comfortable and attractive look of your carpets.

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Building managers services – Things included in the Checklist

Building Manager’s services include a plethora of tasks which needs to be completed every day so that one doesn’t lose sight of what needs to be done. Keeping a tab on overall building performance and workplace projects is an important part of Building Manager’s services.

Building failures can lead to increased expenses and bad reputation which a Building Manager must avoid at all cost. Below are the six most important items Building Manager’s services checklist must always include.

Energy use and utility costs should be monitored and every effort must be made to reduce usage and cost. Some ways to reduce energy use is through installation of motion sensor lighting and energy efficient bulbs. Building Managers services must ensure optimal space utilization and maintenance of security systems. Contractor schedules and work agreements must be managed by the Building Managers services to ensure the tasks go according to plan. Safety requirements and productivity timelines are other important things which should be part of the checklist.

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What Building Managers Services Should You Seek When Renting Out a Commercial Property?

Renting out a commercial property is a good way to earn a constant stream of income. It allows businesses to begin operating without needing a hefty property investment. But you need a certain number of building managers services for maintaining the property as well. If providing these services is your responsibility, then it is even more important. So, here are some of the main services you should get for your commercial property.


Top Commercial Property Maintenance Services You Should Have

  1. Moving in Moving Out Cleaning

After you have finalized the rent agreement and signed the necessary documents, you will still need the property cleaned before letting in the new occupants. So, either the new tenants or you must hire moving in-moving out cleaning services to ensure you can rent out the property without needing to deal with unclean premises. The moving in moving out cleaning services you take must include all kinds of cleaning subject to the rented out area.

  1. Water Pressure Cleaning

Whether you have just rented out a corporate office space or plan to use the rented floor for a machine shop, you need water pressure cleaning. This is one of the most effective ways of getting any area cleaned without the need to undertake tiresome manual cleaning. You might have surveyed your rented out floor before. So, you will have some idea about the cleaning it needs. Get water pressure cleaning if there is a lot of loose debris and other small refuse materials on the floor.

  1. Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

Carpet shampoo cleaning is an important service you should definitely invest in. Without proper periodic cleaning, your carpet will get mouldy and develop fungus. This is bad for everyone’s health and will cause respiratory problems soon after. So, getting carpet shampoo cleaning is critical for not just maintaining the newness of your carpets but also the health of your employees.


Where to Get Professional Property Maintenance in Sydney?

Looking for high-quality property maintenance in Sydney? We have the perfect answer for all your needs. MIB Property Maintenance provides reliable building managers services all across Sydney. We can help you not only move into a perfectly clean working space but also maintain it pristinely through regular cleaning services. Trust us to help manage and maintain a perfectly clean and professional working environment for your business. Call us now on 0421 673 886 to speak with our friendly experts today!