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Top Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Property Maintenance Company

Do you want to maximise the earning potentials of your commercial property? If you lack the time and skills needed for effective management of a commercial property, seek the services of a commercial property maintenance company. If still having doubts whether it’s a wise move to hire their services or not yet, read the following benefits that you will enjoy.

More time to focus on other business matters

This is one of the amazing benefits of having a professional to oversee and maintain your commercial property you have more time to focus on other business matters that will lead to growth and expansion.

Reduce incidents of injuries

A commercial property put under the care and supervision of a qualified commercial property maintenance company will reduce the percentage of incidents that will lead to injuries. How is that possible? Imagine if a commercial property is regularly checked and maintained like fixing broken staircase or window frames, these fixes will prevent accidents from arising. Besides, a well maintained commercial property that offers a safer place to its occupants and guests will have fewer or no claims of third party liability due to injuries.

Establish credible reputation

If people around you have the chance to visit your commercial property and personally experienced the safety measures implemented by your hired commercial property maintenance company to your tenants and the premises it will help in establishing your credibility to others, particularly to prospective tenants on the lookout for commercial space for rent.

Demand higher rental fees

Since you have the capacity to offer a well-maintained and safer place for your tenants, you have every reason to demand higher rental fees in exchange of these benefits. Sometimes, it’s not the rental fee that will dictate the decision of a tenant to rent that commercial space, but more often look for other features that will make it ideal for occupancy such as secured premises, clean surroundings, properly lighted parking areas and beautiful landscape. All these features can be made possible through the help of a commercial property maintenance company.

Prevent major problems from arising

When you have a reliable commercial property maintenance company that will do timely check on the needs of your commercial property like repairs and maintenance it will prevent major problems from arising in the near future. For example,, if the issue on leaky faucets is resolved quickly the possibility of having to pay more on utility bills is eliminated.

Foster a happier environment

When your commercial property is well-kept and maintained to quality standards it foster a happier environment. Why? People would appreciate it much if the place where they work, stay or do business is in good condition, clean and safe.

Are you now convinced that a commercial property maintenance company is vital for your commercial property’s continuous flow of tenants? If yes, contact now MIB Property Maintenance for guidance on their available services that will match your commercial property’s specific maintenance needs.

What Qualities A Residential Property Maintenance Manager Must Possess?

Have you finally decided to hire a residential property maintenance manager to help you run your properties? Find the right professional can be quite challenging because of the responsibilities attached to this job. If you want to make sure that you only work with knowledgeable and trustworthy individual here’s a list of skills or qualities to look when screening a potential candidate for this position,

Credible portfolio

One of the qualifications that you should include when screening applicants for the position of residential property maintenance manager is a credible portfolio. Request all interviewees to come with a detailed portfolio and other credentials that will prove their suitability for the said job position.

Excellent communication skills

A residential property maintenance manager is expected to coordinate with you and your other workers including tenants. So, excellent communication skills must be exhibited during the personal interview. If you noticed one applicant can’t even express his or her views coherently, then, this is a clear indication that you might have problems of effective collaboration in the future. Remember, the appointed residential property maintenance manager will need to update you regularly either through phone, text or email the status of your properties and effective communication must be carried out.

Good business relationship

A reputable residential property maintenance manager must earned good business relationships with other vendors. You need to check and assess the candidate’s business relationship with his past and current clients, so that you can have a clear insight is he or she is the right person for this job.

Strong leadership skills

A residential property maintenance manager is expected to lead a team whenever you aren’t around. This person will legally represent you and do some decision making in your absence and it’s expected that he or she has the capacity to take charge when the need arise.


Yes, this is another qualifying trait that you should take into consideration before making a final selection among candidates applying for the residential property maintenance manager position, honesty. Why? This is very important, especially you will entrust the care and supervision of your properties, regardless you are there or behind the limelight. You need a trustworthy person that you can rely on to be transparent in all his or her actions.


A credible residential property maintenance manager will take accountability of his or her actions and willing to accept feedback. Although, this trait can’t be fully visible when interviewing applicants, you can ask questions that will tell whether that person is responsible or not.

Willingness to learn

This job position can be complex depending on the client’s needs. Even an experienced applicant at one point in his or her career will need further trainings. If the applicant shows willingness to learn you are given assurance that this person will be most fit for the job.

If in need of assistance in managing your properties, both residential and commercial buildings visit MIB Property Maintenance official website and learn more about their different services.

Top Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Building Caretaker Services Company

Is the rapid growth of your real estate business demanding most of your time? If you can’t manage and oversee the needs of your other real estate investment projects such as the care of a newly acquired building, perhaps the assistance of a reliable building caretaker should be considered. If you are planning to meet with the representative of a building caretaker services company, include these top questions before entering into a contract of agreement.

Question #1 – What are the available services your company offer?

Your initial concern when meeting with the representative of a building caretaker services provider is about the services they could offer. Keep in mind, the general scope of work and responsibilities of a building caretaker is broad and it’s vital that the person or company that will assume this role has a solid reputation in building maintenance, quality inspections and administrative duties.

Question #2 – How long have you been in the industry?

Another question that will give you some idea if you are talking to an experienced building caretaker services company is the number of years they have been in the industry. If the representative shows lists of buildings, commercial spaces and real estate properties they handle this is a solid proof that you are dealing with an experienced provider. However, if the building caretaker service company shows only few rental units they managed, this is a clear indicator that they are still learning their way in the industry.

Question #3 – Are there other fees to be charged?

This is another question you should not forget when discussing with the building caretaker services company representative about the fees you will have to pay monthly including other fees. A reliable building caretaker services company must provide a detailed computation of their fees including other charges that may apply.  When talking with different companies and getting lower bids, take time assessing the differences on their quotes. Sometimes, a provider may charge a higher monthly fee because of the quality of work they deliver.

Question #4 – How often must I receive updates?

A credible building caretaker services company must provide regular updates of the status of the buildings pun under their management. If the representative can guarantee regular updates of issues and concerns that may arise at any point, you can have peace of mind that in your absence someone is taking responsibility in the wellbeing of your building including the occupants. However, if the representative can’t even disclose the frequency of updates coming from their end, then, there’s no point of wasting your time. Go and move forward to the next building caretaker services company on your list and schedule a meeting.

What else should you consider before hiring a building caretaker services company?

You should set some qualifying traits before you entrust the care and maintenance of your building with any company claiming to be an expert building caretaker. Among the traits that your potential building caretaker provider must possess are:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • People skills
  • Knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the managing properties such as building codes, rules that may apply on landlord/tenants relationships and policies that may on property ownership

For more information about pricing and other services inclusive when in need of a professional building caretaker expert contact MIB Property Maintenance. Find out how they could help you row your business without assuming all the responsibilities.

Property Maintenance Sydney: Why Landlords Need One

Do you own and manage a few rental properties? If yes, have you ever thought of hiring a property maintenance company?  The demands of your rental properties may range from minor to major maintenance requirements such as a leaky faucet, overgrown shrubs or cleaning of vacated units before new tenants move in. All these responsibilities could cause chaos to any busy landlord. In case, the idea of having a property maintenance expert may sound too expensive as you assume the role of a landlord, perhaps the following reasons will convince every landlord to give it a fair try and contact the property maintenance Sydney.

Reason #1 – A property maintenance provider executes every task the right way

Cleaning may sound pretty easy. But, imagine having to clean a recently vacated rental unit with a lot of grime and moldy areas, plus odd smell coming from the carpet flooring. A landlord trying to DIY everything may find this job too tiring and will just do minimal cleaning. However, when you want to attract a new tenant to sign the contract lease and move in quickly this task may require the expertise of a property maintenance company like the reputable property maintenance Sydney. For example, if you are dealing with a dirty rental unit the property maintenance provider has a team of workers trained to handle even the toughest dirt and applying the best cleaning technique that will promise a spotlessly clean place afterward.

Reason #2 – A property maintenance provider values your business

This is one of the major reasons why you have to consider hiring the services of the property maintenance Sydney because they will value your business as their own. They know how hard it is for you to manage rental properties and at the same time do other errands. So, when you avail their services like window cleaning or moving in/moving out cleaning, they will give you peace of mind that they work in accordance to what is agreed or more than to build a lasting relationship.

Reason #3 – A property maintenance provider will work with utmost care

Have you ever tried fixing a leaky faucet and the result is a nightmare? This kind of scenario will never happen when you seek the services of the property maintenance Sydney. Why? The workers assigned to work on your rental units will handle with the utmost care the fixtures, furniture pieces and other belongings found inside and outside these premises.

Reason #4 – A property maintenance provider is not a one-man band

The whole concept of trying to manage and DIY the maintenance of your rental properties may not look realistic. Why? Imagine if you got sick or had an emergency while one of your rental units require immediate attention. You might end up risking your rental property business because a prospective tenant decided to look elsewhere because you can’t show a dirty unit. But, with just a call from your contracted property maintenance Sydney this urgent request can be easily resolved because they employ a good number of workers that can be dispatched right away as the need arise.

A successful rental property business needs the professional services of a reliable property maintenance provider like the property maintenance Sydney. Protect your investment and limit the risk of losses on your rental properties by ensuring they are put under the care of the expert. Call now MIB Property Maintenance for more information of their wide range of maintenance services.

Windows Cleaning Sydney – Common Cleaning Hacks

Windows are definitely one of the most important design aspects of your home because they impact both the interior and exterior look and feel of the property. Clean windows guarantee a stellar curb appeal which can only be possible with effective Windows cleaning Sydney.

When you are trying to get rid of spots, it is important to avoid the sun. Bright sun will make water or cleaner dry too quickly thereby leaving behind unsightly spots during Windows cleaning Sydney. Use of cold water is recommended for Windows cleaning Sydney during rinsing or mixing with a homemade cleaner. For most windows, one can avoid the use of ladder and instead clean both sides of the windows by tilting it into your home.

For large bay windows, use of squeegee during Windows cleaning Sydney will ensure a clean and pristine look. Before cleaning the windows, it is important to brush or vacuum the window sills. Straight razor blades and steel wool may be used for getting rid of tough stains during Windows cleaning Sydney.

Water Pressure Cleaning – Different Types Of Pressure Cleaning

With technology advancements since the last few years, the cleaning strategies have changed drastically. There has been a rise in demand for Water pressure cleaning which keeps your home and workplace clean from dirt, grime and other toxins. There are various different types of Water pressure cleaning which includes cold water pressure cleaning, hot water pressure cleaning, and stationary high water pressure cleaning.

Hiring professionals for large residential and commercial places is the best decision to ensure effective Water pressure cleaning. Cold water pressure cleaning is mostly used for agricultural and industrial projects. Hot water pressure cleaning is effective to remove stubborn and thick spots created by grease and oil.

Stationary high water pressure cleaning is mostly used in areas which are cleaned frequently. It uses a blend of hot and cold water which removes bacterial diseases from the floor without the need of cables, long nozzles or, hoses.

Commercial Property Maintenance – Common Mistakes To Avoid

Commercial property maintenance is prone to mistakes which can cost you time and money which is why one must try to avoid these missteps. Treating all proposals in the same vein would be a mistake because not all companies offer the same services or maintenance frequency. Hence, when evaluating proposals for Commercial property maintenance, it is important to compare each proposal closely.

Commercial property maintenance when handled by a single company would save time, energy and money. A full service company can take care of lawn care, mowing, irrigation etc. instead of splitting the tasks among different service providers. Putting cost savings above safety is a common mistake which must be avoided in case of Commercial property maintenance.

Hiring the wrong commercial property maintenance company would be a major mistake and hence one must take a good look at the company’s experience, safe practices and track record before finalising one.

Residential Property Maintenance – Important Tips

To ensure the best return from your property rental, it is important to invest in residential property maintenance. By taking advantage of Residential Property Maintenance, you can keep your tenants happy and always ensure that the property valuation remains high. Regular maintenance and repair would also ensure that you avoid liabilities and lawsuits.

Pest control is an extremely important responsibility which is taken care by Residential property maintenance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry which is why one must only rely on licensed and insured professionals for pest control treatments. With an effective pest control plan, you will never have tenants moving out of the property due to pest issues.

In order to ensure that the plumbing utilities are at their absolute best, residential property maintenance needs to include routine inspections. These inspections can catch potential issues early and avoid pipe breaks or, drainage issues. Finally, Residential property maintenance must include lawn care professionals who can take care of grass cutting and lawn care, thereby improving the aesthetics of the building.

Property Maintenance Sydney – For Businesses and Landlords

A house or business premise is one of the biggest investments which is why it is important to ensure professional Property Maintenance Sydney so that the investment can grow in value. Property Maintenance Sydney would ensure that your house is safe, secure and comfortable. In case of a business premise the property must present the best first impression to every visitor.

Property Maintenance Sydney for businesses is important since a well maintained office encourages productivity and has a great impact on sales and profit. Employing a full time maintenance team may be expensive, however Property Maintenance Sydney that specialises in rapid response calls and get the maintenance jobs done when needed keeps the business property in good condition.

Landlords understand the importance of Property Maintenance Sydney because a well maintained property would make it easier to get good, long-term tenants. Also, in case you’re planning to sell your property then all gas and electric fittings must be checked before putting the property on the market.

Moving-In Moving-Out Cleaning – Important Things To Consider

For the best value out of your moving-in moving-out cleaning and to avoid getting stuck with the safety deposit, it is important to consider the below things before the end of tenancy. It is advisable to dispose of any junk that you aren’t planning to take with you. Next, one can pack up all of their belongings and move them to the new home so that the property is available for Moving in Moving out cleaning.

Any nails or, hooks must be removed from the walls, and the holes left behind by the removal of wall nails must be patched and painted. A Moving-in Moving-out cleaning can ensure that the property is spotless before you hand the keys back. In order to prepare for Moving in Moving out cleaning, any damaged doors and glass must be repaired or replaced, and all appliances supplied by the landlord must be functioning well.

Make sure all water, gas and electrical systems are working fine before the end of tenancy cleaning begins. By ticking off all the items from the to do list, you can ensure best value out of moving-in moving-out cleaning.