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Building Caretaker Services – Duties Of The Caretaker

Building caretaker services offer an advanced level of janitorial services which includes taking care of day to day operations of the building. Usually appropriate for large buildings and condominium communities, building caretaker services act as the location’s onsite representative.

Some of the main duties of the caretaker includes:

  • Emergency call outs
  • Minor repairs onsite
  • Burnt out light bulb changes
  • Programming entry fobs
  • Minor snow removal and salting of entry points
  • Inform property manager of any issues
  • Updating intercom system
  • Managing inventory of supplies
  • Monitoring the parking area
  • Coordinate and monitor trades onsite.

Building caretaker services are usually associated with a strata manager while a building manager is usually associated with a property manager in the commercial building sector. Building caretaker services are usually supervised by supervisors. Certified professionals are involved and use of safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents is the norm. They not only take care of the building but also do administration, repair, cleaning and security of the building.

Windows Cleaning Sydney – Impeccably Clean Windows

Windows cleaning Sydney is one of the best chores to be completed during the summer. A few easy steps can be followed to ensure sparkly clean windows. Getting the right set of cleaning supplies will be the first step to ensure impeccable Windows cleaning Sydney. To wipe off the dirt effectively, one would need a wide bucket, window cleaning squeegee, old towel and microfiber clothes, detergent, ladder and long handle.

Proper technique is very important to ensure clean windows as part of Windows cleaning Sydney. One must try to avoid cleaning the windows when the sunlight is direct because the sun will dry it fast and leave behind traces.

Use of lukewarm water for stubborn stains, else cold water can be used for Windows cleaning Sydney. The cleaning solution can be applied directly on the wet cloth and the windows cleaned with circular motions. Using the squeegee right and wiping away any residue or traces is important as part of Windows cleaning Sydney.

Water Pressure Cleaning – Preparing the Home’s Exterior

Water pressure cleaning is an extremely important and useful method to make the home’s exterior look good as new. Ignored dirt and grime can lead to mold and mildew which can damage the structural integrity of the walls. Water pressure cleaning is an easy task when the home’s exterior is prepared properly.

Before you begin with Water pressure cleaning it is important to protect the interior of the home from the water pressure burst by closing all doors and windows with water resistant tarps. Turn off the electrical mains in your home to avoid any electrical damage.

One should gradually exert pressure during Water pressure cleaning because high pressure from the start may knock you off balance and you may lose control of the pressure cleaning hose. In order to tackle stubborn residues, one can use soap spray along with Water pressure cleaning. A pH-neutral cleaner is considered best to cut through the grease and grime without damaging the surface of the exterior walls.

Residential Property Maintenance – Keeping Property Value High

To keep your property’s value high and to get the most out of your property rental, it is important to ensure flawless and impeccable Residential property maintenance. Staying on top of pest control is very important if you want to keep your tenants happy and to avoid any liability issue or lawsuit.

As part of residential property maintenance, it is important to contact a pest control company with licensed and insured professionals taking care of pest control treatments. It is also important to take care of plumbing utilities with routine inspections. Residential property maintenance includes maintenance of drains and plumbing appliances periodically to avoid pipe breaks and other issues.

Finally, residential property maintenance must also take care of lawn maintenance and landscaping. Professional lawn and garden company would ensure a beautiful landscape which keeps your rental property equity high and draws more visitors and tenants.

Property Maintenance Sydney – Things to Consider During Winter

Keeping the property’s plumbing safe during winter is one of the major challenges in Property Maintenance Sydney. Also, it is important to understand how your boiler works and when it may need some help or, repair. During the winter, a boiler may start nearing the end of its life and you may consider a replacement. However, as part of Property Maintenance Sydney you do have other alternatives.

A boiler service would give you an exact idea of the remaining lifespan of the boiler so that you can plan ahead. There could be general plumbing needs such as radiators, repairs or bathroom installations which are also covered as part of Property Maintenance Sydney.

During the winter, plumbing and gas appliances come under immense pressure which is why it is important to keep them in good shape. Every gas appliance must be checked and serviced by an accredited Engineer once a year. An audible carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarms must be installed near every gas appliance. Water pipes must be covered with foam insulation during the winter to prevent freezing.

Moving-in Moving-out Cleaning – Checklist for cleaning tasks

A tenant’s obligation to leave the house clean after deciding to move out has given rise to end of tenancy cleaning or, moving-in moving-out cleaning which is now offered by a wide variety of cleaning companies. The requirement is usually to keep the house clean and ready for the new tenants.

Sanitizing and scrubbing the floors along with the bathroom and sinks is an important part of Moving-in Moving-out cleaning. The landlord may also expect that all windows, doors, radiators and furniture is cleaned in preparation for the new tenancy. Professional cleaning companies have the necessary tools, cleaning materials and experience to ensure thorough and speedy Moving-in Moving-out cleaning.

Most professional companies will start with a preliminary checklist for the cleaning tasks and then focus on any specific area which may need further cleaning. Carpet cleaning is generally included as part of Moving-in Moving-out cleaning.

Initial Cleaning Services – Transition Made Easy

A big move can be quite challenging however with Initial cleaning services one can make it a smooth transition. In case the property is not up to the cleaning standards there is no point moving in the furniture and clothing which is where Initial cleaning services come handy.

Initial cleaning services must always plan to completely clean one room or space before moving to the other room. It is always best to have initial cleaning services start from top to bottom so that the same areas don’t need to be cleaned twice. A cleaning checklist is a must for initial cleaning services.

In general, initial cleaning services take care of cleaning the kitchen, various appliances, Kitchen cabinets and counters, sink, cleaning walls, and cleaning the floors. By getting initial cleaning services prepare the rooms for your move, it becomes extremely easier to move in. You’re free to unpack and organize your things without worrying about cleaning.

Commercial Property Maintenance – Important Tips

Commercial properties irrespective of the size and type require regular maintenance. In the absence of routine checks, a minor problem can soon become a full blown emergency later. A few important tips with commercial property maintenance would ensure that you save thousands in repairs.

Regular roof inspection must be a part of Commercial property maintenance which can include checking the attic and ceilings for leaks, any signs of stains or rot. Externally the vents must be fitting well, there shouldn’t be any signs of standing water and the HVAC hoses and pipes must be in good condition. Any exposed water pipe must be checked annually for any leak and to ensure proper insulation.

Periodic filter inspection and replacement of HVAC units would ensure longevity and must be a part of Commercial property maintenance. Double check the building’s smoke alarms and fire retardant systems to ensure safety. Inspection of window and door frames should be included as part of Commercial property maintenance.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning – Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Carpets are an inherent and important part of most offices, commercial buildings and workplaces. They are important accessories which add to the appearance and aesthetics of the décor. Carpet shampoo cleaning and regular maintenance is extremely important in case you want to impress your customers and visitors.

Various pollutants get trapped in the carpets which is why it is important to keep the carpets clean. Vacuuming can only get rid of these pollutants to a certain extent but because the pollutants cling to the fabric they may need Carpet shampoo cleaning which is completed using sophisticated equipment by a professional.

Special Carpet shampoo cleaning techniques are capable of killing the most stubborn bacteria and ensure a sanitized and clean appearance for your carpets. It won’t be a DIY task and would require a professional company to do Carpet shampoo cleaning. Regular carpet cleaning also helps in improving the indoor air quality.

Building Managers Services – Environment Friendly Services

Commercial buildings are the biggest source of environment hazard waste which makes the job of building managers extremely important and crucial. Building managers services can include simple initiatives which can provide value to their clients and also do a world of good for the environment.

A battery recycling program can be introduced as part of Building Managers Services which can include periodic collections of old batteries and arranging for its recycling. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury which is a toxic pollutant and shouldn’t be disposed in a landfill. Rather Building Managers services can arrange for collection of lighting waste.

Electronic waste disposal is a daunting task for households and small businesses which is why Building Managers services can include regular collection of e-waste and get them destroyed to protect client data security. Commercial buildings are the major users of energy and older buildings mostly rely on energy inefficient equipment. Building Managers services can focus on upgrading the energy efficiency of the building.