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Building Managers services – Essentials of Facility Management

There are several key aspects or essentials which can ensure that Building Managers services are provided with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. There are comprehensive courses for those with operational experience in Facility management and those who wish to broaden their skillset. Office Managers, Property Managers, Accommodation managers and Building Managers services demand more or less similar set of skills.

An overview of Building Manager services is necessary so that the Building Manager is aware of his duties and responsibilities. Energy and sustainability which includes waste management, and ensuring energy efficiency is a critical part of Building Managers services. Customer focus which includes meeting Service Level Agreements, Managing expectations and Team building is equally important.

Maintenance management ensures statutory compliance, Asset Registers and planned maintenance. Health and Safety cannot be compromised as part of Building Managers services and must ensure safety audits, ergonomics and health & safety responsibilities. Space planning and procurement of service contracts ensure uninterrupted services and proper maintenance of the property.

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Water Pressure Cleaning Applications for Residential Properties

Water pressure washers are used by a lot of companies offering building managers services and caretaker services. For residential properties, they use the said device on various parts of the house, including the following.


Your home’s fence isn’t only used to keep trespassers at bay, but they also help to improve its curb appeal. And because of its close proximity to the road, there are plenty of things that can make it dirty. This includes smoke and carbon emissions coming from passing vehicles, mud, dust and many others. When left unchecked, these can accumulate and ultimately bury your fence’s paint.

Roofs and Exterior Walls

Your house’s roofs and exterior walls are constantly being attacked by dirt and grime. During dry season, these can make your house look like a sandstorm just passed over. During the rainy season though, the flowing water can leave streaks and stains which will definitely make your house look unappealing.

Wooden Decks

Wooden decks are important assets for many homes. It not only improves its appeal, but also raises its market value. However, if your wooden deck is all icky and dirty, then it may just do the opposite. Fortunately, water pressure cleaning can be used to wash away dirt from wooden decks without compromising its structural integrity. It is best that this is done by a professional so that they can help you with any problem that may arise from having excessive moisture seeping into the wood.

Walkways and Front Stair Entrance

Your home’s front entrance stair and walkway is one of the first things visitors and even passersby will notice. That said, if you want to make a good impression on them, then you’ll need to make sure that these are always clean and welcoming. Besides, a dirty and mildew infested stairs and walkways can result to potential accidents when wet. Sure, you could go ahead and scrub them yourselves. But why go through that time and effort demanding task when you can have it cleaned by a pro with a pressure washer?

Water pressure cleaning can be used in a variety of applications for residential properties aside from those above. They can be used to clean windows, driveways, garage floors and even your barbeque grill. However, it does take some skill in order to ensure that whatever needs to be pressure cleaned will be cleaned right. That said, consider getting a professional to handle the task so you don’t have to worry about missing a spot.

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What Building Managers Services Should You Seek When Renting Out a Commercial Property?

Renting out a commercial property is a good way to earn a constant stream of income. It allows businesses to begin operating without needing a hefty property investment. But you need a certain number of building managers services for maintaining the property as well. If providing these services is your responsibility, then it is even more important. So, here are some of the main services you should get for your commercial property.


Top Commercial Property Maintenance Services You Should Have

  1. Moving in Moving Out Cleaning

After you have finalized the rent agreement and signed the necessary documents, you will still need the property cleaned before letting in the new occupants. So, either the new tenants or you must hire moving in-moving out cleaning services to ensure you can rent out the property without needing to deal with unclean premises. The moving in moving out cleaning services you take must include all kinds of cleaning subject to the rented out area.

  1. Water Pressure Cleaning

Whether you have just rented out a corporate office space or plan to use the rented floor for a machine shop, you need water pressure cleaning. This is one of the most effective ways of getting any area cleaned without the need to undertake tiresome manual cleaning. You might have surveyed your rented out floor before. So, you will have some idea about the cleaning it needs. Get water pressure cleaning if there is a lot of loose debris and other small refuse materials on the floor.

  1. Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

Carpet shampoo cleaning is an important service you should definitely invest in. Without proper periodic cleaning, your carpet will get mouldy and develop fungus. This is bad for everyone’s health and will cause respiratory problems soon after. So, getting carpet shampoo cleaning is critical for not just maintaining the newness of your carpets but also the health of your employees.


Where to Get Professional Property Maintenance in Sydney?

Looking for high-quality property maintenance in Sydney? We have the perfect answer for all your needs. MIB Property Maintenance provides reliable building managers services all across Sydney. We can help you not only move into a perfectly clean working space but also maintain it pristinely through regular cleaning services. Trust us to help manage and maintain a perfectly clean and professional working environment for your business. Call us now on 0421 673 886 to speak with our friendly experts today!


Top Reasons Why Landlords Need Building Managers Services

Managing rental properties can be quite stressful, especially if you have other real estate investment projects. Attending to the needs of your tenants as well as the repairs and maintenance of your rental units can consume most of your time and energy. If you are already feeling exhausted and can’t assume the responsibilities of a landlord, perhaps the building managers services come very timely. Why? Below are top reasons why building managers are important to landlords.

Reason #1 – No need to rush to attend tenants’ complaints

One of the concerns that a landlord must deal when managing rental properties is tenants’ complaints such as leaks, faulty wiring or broken plumbing. If any of these issues arise in the middle of your sleep, you have no choice, but, rush to your tenant and fix the problem. However, if you entrusted with the building managers services the full responsibility to manage and maintain your rental properties, you can sleep soundly because you know somebody is taking care of things on your behalf.

Reason #2 – Decrease the percentage of rental units vacancies

Reputable building managers services providers have a wide network, enabling them to have a constant supply of tenants. If you decide to hire their services the issue of finding good tenants is solved because they have the capability to screen and source tenants. They know what questions to ask during the one-on-one interview.

Reason #3 – Knowledge of laws

Building managers services providers are constantly updated with latest laws that may affect the relationship between landlords and their tenants. If you have contracted the supervision of your rental properties, you have the assurance that they will help you stay out of trouble when it comes to strict compliance with the landlord-tenant law.

Reason #4 – Close monitoring of the property

If most of your rental properties are situated farther from your residence or office getting the building managers services resolves the need of having to travel frequently and check on your units. The building manager will guarantee that your rental properties are closely monitored and maintained regularly.

Reason #5 – Resolve issues without your presence

This is one of the reasons why many landlords get help from the building managers services provider because they don’t want to deal personally with tenants’ issues like delayed monthly payments, unruly behaviour or having too many pets. The building manager will take sole responsibility in bringing these issues directly with concerned tenants.

Reason #6 – Promise growth

Hiring the building managers services can make the lives of landlords less complicated, giving them more chance to focus on other investing projects like hunting more good deals or rehabbing distressed houses.

Owning rental properties can be a true source of regular income. If you have to juggle other investment projects availing the building managers services can really make your life less stressful. If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing your rental properties, contact now any of the representatives at MIB Property Maintenance and get rid of your workload.

Building Managers Services – Top Maintenance Issues

Building managers services is crucial and often maintenance issues may arise. It is important to be prepared for problems and take proper action to get them fixed efficiently. The HVAC or, heating and cooling system can have issues because on an average they last between 15 to 25 years. Building manager’s services must include frequent duct cleaning, change of filters and tune ups to ensure longevity of the HVAC systems.

Rental properties often have issues with faucets and drains which includes improper garbage disposal, clogged and slow drains, and dripping faucets. It could be due to damaged washers however an expert offering Building managers services would be required to trace the root cause and fix the problem.

Faulty electrical issues can be quite annoying for the tenants which is why building manager’s services must include regular inspections to avoid any potential electrical issue. Common problems include worn outlets, blown fuses, tripped breakers, switches not working, or, even short circuits.

Building Managers Services – Environment Friendly Services

Commercial buildings are the biggest source of environment hazard waste which makes the job of building managers extremely important and crucial. Building managers services can include simple initiatives which can provide value to their clients and also do a world of good for the environment.

A battery recycling program can be introduced as part of Building Managers Services which can include periodic collections of old batteries and arranging for its recycling. Fluorescent tubes contain mercury which is a toxic pollutant and shouldn’t be disposed in a landfill. Rather Building Managers services can arrange for collection of lighting waste.

Electronic waste disposal is a daunting task for households and small businesses which is why Building Managers services can include regular collection of e-waste and get them destroyed to protect client data security. Commercial buildings are the major users of energy and older buildings mostly rely on energy inefficient equipment. Building Managers services can focus on upgrading the energy efficiency of the building.

Building managers services – HVAC Maintenance Tips

As a building manager it is extremely important to consider everything which can reduce the energy costs. Rising utility costs and the need for increased usage has made it important to be strategic about energy efficiency which is one of the core part of Building managers services.

As a building manager you should be able to determine the appropriate temperature for the building and set the thermostat accordingly. Changing the air filters is extremely important as part of Building managers services. Clean filters reduces the contamination and circulation of allergens in the air. Air filters also ensure smooth functioning of HVAC system.

Preventive maintenance should be a part of Building managers services which can ensure that small issues are taken care of before they can become major problems. Routine inspection followed by preventive maintenance would avoid any breakdown and keep the HVAC system energy efficient and effective.

5 Warning Signs That Will Tell You Need To Hire A New Office Cleaning Company

One of the critical issues that you need to look into when handling an office facility is the cleanliness. Why? A clean working environment will not only be ideal for the health and wellness of the employees, but, it can have a positive impact on productivity of any business. So, how will you know if you need to hire a new office cleaning company? Below are 5 warning signs that you need to be aware:

  1. Poor performance

Did you know that a workplace present condition could affect the performance level of your employees? A cluttered working station may inhibit the employee from carrying on with his or her assigned chores with ease. Aside from that, if the entire office looks untidy, employees might put the blame on others and create tension. Take a look around and check on the bins. Are they being emptied regularly? How about the windows and unseen surfaces? Do you notice huge amount of dirt and dust accumulation? Is the office pantry looking dirty and smelly? If none of these things seem to be maintained, it could be an indication that you need to find another commercial property maintenance provider or contact the windows cleaning Sydney to do your office windows’ regular cleaning.

  1. Poor inventory management on consumable supplies

Another visible sign that will tell you need to change your present cleaning services provider is when your office often experiences this inventory problem on your consumable supplies:

  • No more toilet paper or hand towels including other washroom essentials available for your employees and visitors.
  • No more available cleaning products to keep the office clean and smelling fresh.
  1. Negative comments

What do you often hear the comments of first time visitors or clients coming to your office? Do you have to deal with complaints of slippery floor inside the washroom or foul smell coming from your bins? If none of these issues are properly monitored by your current building caretaker services provider, might as well talk to their manager to resolve this issue. If these negative comments still continue from your clients and visitors, you will have to face a drastic decision of ending your contract with this particular cleaning company. Your next concern is to find a more responsible property maintenance Sydney provider that can handle the initial cleaning services requirements of your Sydney office. Most maintenance property providers offer commercial and residential property maintenance services.

  1. You don’t receive inspection report or audit

A credible office cleaning company should remain committed in delivering quality services to their clients and if you haven’t receive any office inspection or audit report, this is another sign that there is something wrong with the way they handle the maintenance needs of your office. Remember, a qualified office moving-in, moving-out cleaning company must monitor regularly the kind of services they provide to their clients like how well their cleaning staff members do the carpet shampoo cleaning or water pressure cleaning.

  1. Items in the office are missing or broken

Lastly, among the critical issues that will confirm you have to terminate your existing cleaning services provider and contact a well sought property maintenance provider if you notices items in the office are missing or broken right after they performed the regular cleaning.

As a paying client, you have every right to demand excellent services from your cleaning services company. If none of their promises are made despite frequent meetings with the building managers services team you have no choice, but, do the next appropriate action – find a replacement.

How to choose the right cleaning services provider?

Now that you are aware of the above warnings signs, you can closely monitor if your hired office cleaning company is performing well or not. If you notice any of these signs to be present while under a contract-of-agreement, you can call their attention.

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Prospective Professional Cleaning Services Provider

We all wanted to see our homes looking spotlessly clean and organised. But, due to the demands of our day-to-day responsibilities, the simple task of keeping our homes seem impossible. If you have finally decided to entrust the regular cleaning of your home to a professional cleaning services provider, below are top 5 questions to ask during the initial cleaning services consultation:

Question #1 – Are you licensed to operate as a Residential Property Maintenance services provider?

This is one of the crucial questions that you must not miss when meeting for the first time a prospective cleaning services provider, their license to operate this type of business. If the cleaning company is licensed by the state where you live, it gives you peace of mind that you are protected if something goes wrong.

Question #2 – Are you covered with insurance?

While conducting a private meeting with your prospective professional cleaning services the issue on insurance coverage is also essential. Why? It’s unavoidable while their assigned employees doing the carpet shampoo cleaning and water pressure cleaning would accidentally break on items. It’s risk-free if you know they have a comprehensive insurance policy to cover such claims.

Question #3 – How many cleaning employees will come to my house?

If you are talking with the top performing property maintenance Sydney, expect them to employ a good number of employees who work on various shifts. There will be instances where the cleaning team who came to your house last month won’t be the same team in the succeeding months. So, it’s advisable that you are aware of this kind of arrangement. However, if you prefer having the same cleaners every month this request could be easily granted.

Question #4 – Are you equipped with appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment?

There are some cleaning companies, particularly those newbies in the cleaning industry who would require their clients to provide the cleaning materials. If you hired a reputable professional cleaning company that offers both residential property maintenance and commercial property maintenance, chances are they will provide both cleaning supplies and equipment units needed.

Question #5 – How long have you been in the industry?

One of the important requirements that you should not overlook when interviewing a prospect is the number of years in the industry as a professional cleaning services provider. If the person appointed to come for this interview mentioned they have been in this kind of services for many years, expect your cleaning job requirement to be done in a professional manner. A reputable cleaning services provider has earned years of experience in the cleaning industry and will do everything to retain this good reputation, regardless you are in need of moving-in or moving-out cleaning services.

Additional information that you must ask the cleaning services provider

If this is your first time to contract the cleaning of your home to a professional cleaning services provider, don’t hesitate to ask for the following:

  • Business license
  • Comprehensive background reports of their cleaning employees
  • References of existing as well as previous clients
  • Pricing of their various services such as building caretaker services, windows cleaning in Sydney including customised packages

There you have it a list of questions you could ask the manager or owner of a professional cleaning services provider. In the event you cleaning requirements doesn’t only cover your house, but your rental properties inquire if they will appoint one of their building managers services representatives to take charge of your specialise cleaning needs.

Keys For Windows Cleaning Sydney That Make a World of Difference

Window cleaning services are among the more common solutions that people in Sydney look for when getting building managers services to work for their homes or businesses. Several points have to be used in the process of cleaning windows so it will be easier for them to look their best. Make sure your cleaning team of choice uses these points when keeping your windows looking their best.

What Cleaning Solutions Work?

The cleaning solutions that are often used in the windows cleaning Sydney process often entail cold water as a base. It is easier to clean surfaces with cold water as it does not add too much pressure or stress onto a surface like what happens with warmer water.

Soap will be required in the cleaning process. Anything that does not contain bleach is best as it keeps odors from being an issue as it is applied.

In addition, vinegar or other slightly acidic materials may be added. Such items do better with killing off bacteria although it helps to keep from adding too many acids into the cleaning solution.

What Motions Work?

Proper straight motions are needed in the cleaning process. A commercial or residential property maintenance plan must entail straight cleaning motions so streaks are less likely to develop. Going back and forth only adds extra amounts of stress or pressure onto the window.

A Wiper Must Be Safe

The wiper being used in the windows cleaning Sydney process should be checked properly. The cleaning solution applicator must be soft and even so soap, vinegar or other items are applied correctly.

The end used for clearing off the water should also be smooth and capable of sliding along the window evenly. It must not create any streaks.

Check with a commercial or residential property maintenance team to see how well it can take care of the window cleaning process on your property. Such a team needs to work well to clean off surfaces that might be difficult to handle on your own.