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Range of services provided by Commercial Property Maintenance Experts

Maintenance of the property sector is often underappreciated and kept behind closed doors. Thousands of hard-working employees will take the maintenance of their office for granted as they show up to work every day. Commercial property maintenance experts such as MIB property Maintenance provide a wide array of services to meet the high standards of commercial maintenance. Here is a list of the quality services MIB Property maintenance provides when it comes to caring for your office building.

Water Pressure Cleaning

High-pressure water cleaning systems are necessary if you wish to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, gum, and dirt from all types of different surfaces around the building. The outcome of this task is always rewarding as what was previously dull and dirty becomes sparklingly fresh and clean. This service is affordable and should always be considered when inquiring about property maintenance.

Window Cleaning

No worker likes looking out of a dirty window with spots and smudges on it. You want clarity when you look through a window not just so you can see easily but so you can blur the border between your office and the outside to raise morale and productivity. Commercial property maintenance experts provide a perfect job and are regulated, licensed and prepared to provide important and tricky window cleaning services on any floor.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning

A deep carpet clean is absolutely essential and is something that should be happening regularly. Dirt, dust, sand, and food sticks to carpets and the longer it stays there the harder it is to take out. That’s why commercial property maintenance experts have systems and schedules made to ensure that every business they work with has clean carpets that stay looking brand new. Getting on top of this is a sure way to impress every client that steps foot into your office.

Initial Cleaning and Caretaking

On top of these services, MIB Property Maintenance will provide initial cleaning for businesses before they move into a building and even provide caretaking services during times when no one is working. Initial cleaning involves washing, dry cleaning, green cleaning, and wet cleaning. Our Caretaker services are trustworthy and hassle-free. All our employees go through extensive background checks so you can rely on quality service.

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How to Schedule a Maintenance Procedures for your property?

Owners need to schedule some crucial maintenance tasks on regular basis. These tasks may include cleaning floors and roof of the building and changing filters of HVAC systems on routine basis and so on.

To attain highest level of cleanliness and to keep all systems in their best condition, you need a reliable partner to ensure these routine tasks have been taken care of in the best way possible.

This is where residential and commercial property maintenance services can make a huge difference. When you choose comprehensive property maintenance companies like MIB Property Maintenance, you can access a huge range of services right away. These include building caretaker services, moving-in moving-out cleaning, carpet shampoo cleaning, and initial cleaning services, among others.

Commercial Property Maintenance – Costs to Expect

Commercial property maintenance costs cannot be dodged, however one can certainly reduce the costs with proper checklist, routine maintenance and preventive measures. Ad hoc maintenance is never recommended since it not only makes the property vulnerable, less secure but also increases the cost of maintenance.

Employing a professional company offering Commercial Property Maintenance services allows you to be in control and one is able to budget for the costs. A commercial property manager keeps all the repairs under control with regular inspections which allows one to fix a problem right when it starts. One needs to focus on the 3 P’s profit, people and promotion. All your resources must be focussed on running your business and not on Commercial property maintenance.

With Commercial Property Maintenance and the routine inspections one can insure that faults are found in their early stages before the repair bill goes out of budget. Also, using the services of a professional maintenance team will enhance your business’ image.

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Commercial Property Maintenance – Tips for spring

After a long winter, property owners get the best time in spring to assess their property for any damage and prepare for safety and comfort by hiring reliable Commercial property maintenance services. The checklist should involve inspection of the building for cracks in the foundation, inspecting sink holes, broken pavement, Chipped paint, loose boards, Missing roof shingles, leaking pipes or, broken windows.

Snow, rain and high winds can create quite a mess which is why Commercial property maintenance must start removing twigs, trash and leaves to allow better air circulation and keep the walkways tidy for curb appeal. Regular maintenance check is a must which includes examining fire alarms, smoke alarms, air filters and flushing the water heaters.

Commercial property maintenance must also ensure that the property insurance is up to date and renewed if required so that you have the coverage required for the seasons ahead. Maintain and update the list of contractors who can assist for any damage restoration, or mechanical repairs.

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Commercial Property Maintenance: Importance of Exterior Lighting

We know how important interior lighting is when it comes to business establishments. Not only does it create a more welcoming space, but it can also have an impact on your client and customers’ psychology and encouraging them to do business with you. However, another important lighting consideration for business properties would be their exterior lighting. But what makes exterior lighting important and why should you pay attention to them?

Encourage More Foot Traffic

A darkened storefront is one of those things that can make people turn away from an establishment. Even if your interior lighting is turned on, some people may still feel apprehensive about entering your establishment. This makes exterior lighting an important aspect of any business, especially those who rely on walk-ins and everyday foot traffic.

When you have a brightly lit exterior lighting, it shows that your store is open and ready for business. It can draw eyes to your business and even make it look more inviting. Majority of potential clients and customers like well-lit establishments, and bright exterior lighting can help make your business more appealing to them.

Better Security

Crooks love dark places as the darkness provides them with cover for their crimes. In fact, one of the many reasons why unscrupulous individuals target certain establishments is because of the lack of adequate lighting both inside and outside its premises. By adding exterior lighting to your establishment, you can bolster its general security and safety. In addition, exterior lighting can aid authorities in identifying and ultimately catching criminals, especially if you have security cameras.

Give Your Property Some Personality

As was mentioned earlier, exterior lighting can help to improve the aesthetics of your business or commercial property. In line with that, exterior lighting can also be used to add some personality to your business. For instance, you can use coloured light bulbs to either create a stark contrast with your building’s exterior walls and its surroundings, or use colours and hues that complement and blend with them. You can also use exterior lighting to light up your landscape or any particular part of your property. With the right kinds of exterior lighting, you can add an entirely new aesthetic element to your business’ façade.

Exterior lighting is truly indispensable given the reasons mentioned above. Yet, they can be quite troublesome especially since they’re constantly exposed to outdoor elements like rain and sun’s ultraviolet rays. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you have the help of commercial property maintenance services. If you are in need of such services, or other services like window cleaning, moving-in moving-out cleaning services and others, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Commercial property maintenance – Tips for a Successful Programme

Commercial property Maintenance is not just about simple building maintenance but one needs to be aware of advanced technologies, health certification and the knowledge to tailor the premises in accordance with business needs. Routine checks of the property to ensure that it is in pristine condition is important. The exterior of a building reflects on your business brand and extremely important to create the best first impression.

Commercial property maintenance must ensure regular inspection and maintenance of walls, roofing, signage, landscaping and parking areas. A well maintained building also helps in motivating the workforce, presenting an attractive company and boosting employee morale. Commercial property maintenance must make use of the latest technology in secure surveillance and alarm systems.

Going green is the new goal for every commercial property maintenance managers since it is important to improve one’s carbon footprint. Health and safety risk assessment in the workplace and action to remove any hazard is an important part of commercial property Maintenance.

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Commercial Property Maintenance- The Common Pitfalls

Mistakes will always result in a loss and in case of Commercial Property Maintenance it can result in costing you time and money. There are several common mistakes which one needs to avoid when dealing with Commercial Property Maintenance. For commercial property maintenance it is important that one doesn’t treat all proposals in the same vein since not all companies provide the same services.

One can save a lot of time and money by finding a company that provides multiple services required as part of Commercial property maintenance. This also ensures an easy and hassle free communication channel. One must never put cost savings above safety. The focus should always be on safety of employees and customers and not cutting corners.

For effective commercial property maintenance, one needs to be proactive with the maintenance plan and services and always plan for the future. Last but not the least, one needs to hire professional and experienced commercial maintenance company for best results.

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Commercial Property Maintenance – Ensuring cost savings

If you are the owner of a commercial property, sooner or later you would need to invest in Commercial property maintenance to ensure that the property stays in a good condition and ensures appreciation in its resale value. Things may go wrong from time to time which is where Commercial property maintenance comes handy.

The types of services offered as part of Commercial Property Maintenance includes managing any problems faced by the property on a daily basis. They have access to specialists like electricians, plumbers, contractors etc. who can fix the issues right away and meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

In the long run, Commercial property Maintenance is going to ensure a lot of cost savings because the equipment will have longevity, the building will look aesthetically pleasing, less breakdowns and the reputation would stay intact. The repairs which come up frequently include issues with electrical wiring, appliances, and flooring and septic tank problems. For all this, if you want to manage them independently they would incur huge costs which is why seeking help from professionals is always recommended.

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Top Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Property Maintenance Company

Do you want to maximise the earning potentials of your commercial property? If you lack the time and skills needed for effective management of a commercial property, seek the services of a commercial property maintenance company. If still having doubts whether it’s a wise move to hire their services or not yet, read the following benefits that you will enjoy.

More time to focus on other business matters

This is one of the amazing benefits of having a professional to oversee and maintain your commercial property you have more time to focus on other business matters that will lead to growth and expansion.

Reduce incidents of injuries

A commercial property put under the care and supervision of a qualified commercial property maintenance company will reduce the percentage of incidents that will lead to injuries. How is that possible? Imagine if a commercial property is regularly checked and maintained like fixing broken staircase or window frames, these fixes will prevent accidents from arising. Besides, a well maintained commercial property that offers a safer place to its occupants and guests will have fewer or no claims of third party liability due to injuries.

Establish credible reputation

If people around you have the chance to visit your commercial property and personally experienced the safety measures implemented by your hired commercial property maintenance company to your tenants and the premises it will help in establishing your credibility to others, particularly to prospective tenants on the lookout for commercial space for rent.

Demand higher rental fees

Since you have the capacity to offer a well-maintained and safer place for your tenants, you have every reason to demand higher rental fees in exchange of these benefits. Sometimes, it’s not the rental fee that will dictate the decision of a tenant to rent that commercial space, but more often look for other features that will make it ideal for occupancy such as secured premises, clean surroundings, properly lighted parking areas and beautiful landscape. All these features can be made possible through the help of a commercial property maintenance company.

Prevent major problems from arising

When you have a reliable commercial property maintenance company that will do timely check on the needs of your commercial property like repairs and maintenance it will prevent major problems from arising in the near future. For example,, if the issue on leaky faucets is resolved quickly the possibility of having to pay more on utility bills is eliminated.

Foster a happier environment

When your commercial property is well-kept and maintained to quality standards it foster a happier environment. Why? People would appreciate it much if the place where they work, stay or do business is in good condition, clean and safe.

Are you now convinced that a commercial property maintenance company is vital for your commercial property’s continuous flow of tenants? If yes, contact now MIB Property Maintenance for guidance on their available services that will match your commercial property’s specific maintenance needs.

Commercial Property Maintenance – Common Mistakes To Avoid

Commercial property maintenance is prone to mistakes which can cost you time and money which is why one must try to avoid these missteps. Treating all proposals in the same vein would be a mistake because not all companies offer the same services or maintenance frequency. Hence, when evaluating proposals for Commercial property maintenance, it is important to compare each proposal closely.

Commercial property maintenance when handled by a single company would save time, energy and money. A full service company can take care of lawn care, mowing, irrigation etc. instead of splitting the tasks among different service providers. Putting cost savings above safety is a common mistake which must be avoided in case of Commercial property maintenance.

Hiring the wrong commercial property maintenance company would be a major mistake and hence one must take a good look at the company’s experience, safe practices and track record before finalising one.